I am driven by fashion and passion!

jody dove style was born in 2004, the love child of years of desire and experience in the arts, psychology, high fashion, and makeup artistry. A huge mix and a burning desire to express and create a line made of incredible color, texture, ease, sensuality, and self expression.

I am inspired by individuality, comfort and timelessness. Real beauty transcends time and place. Women are multifaceted and interesting. No trend makes a woman fashionable. A woman creates her own story.

There is no perfect age or body or face. We rejoice in what makes us unique and individual. We want to feel free to be who we are, wherever we are.

Welcome to jody dove style. I celebrate the joy of wearable art. I adorn the living canvas.

Thank you for stopping by. Everything is as one of a kind as is every glorious woman!


Jody Dove